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Reverse Image search


Reverse Image search

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search


Metadata image Information


Metadata image information

Check files for metadata info

Jeffrey’s Image Metadata viewer

Jeffrey’s Image Metadata Viewer

Testing Fake News

Evaluating Web Resources: The CRAAP test

Digger Project (Video Manipulation – detects synthetic media)

Digger Project – Home – digger-project.com

InVid (Detecting the reliability of video content spread in the media)


Google Training Course – Journalism

Google News Initiative Training Center

First Draft

Verification Toolbox


Fact Check Tools

UNESCO Handbook for Journalism Education and Training


First Draft’s Essential Guide to:

Understanding Information Disorder

Journalism Course – Academy- Africa

africa – Giving African newsrooms access to the world’s best digital experts and storytelling technologies.

Chrome extension- See how a link has been shared, who shared it and what they said.

CrowdTangle Link Checker

Guide to debunking deep-fakes and synthetic media

Prepare, Don’t Panic: Synthetic Media and Deepfakes – WITNESS Media Lab

Extension that serves to verify, provide additional sources, and cite web content.


Advanced Twitter Search

Twitter Advanced Search

Metadata from Videos

Extract Metadata

ToolBox by First Draft, for tools in finding misinformation around the web

The First Draft Toolbox for newsgathering and verification

First Draft Visual Verification Guide

Are you a journalist? Download this free guide for verifying photos and videos

First Draft Guide

Verifying Online Information