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Fighting Covid-19 fake news in Africa

Africa Check:

Africa Check | Sorting fact from fiction

Piga Firimbi:

Piga Firimbi: Home

ICIR Fact Check:

Fact Check Hub | The ICIR


Dubawa – Amplifying Truth

Africa Verify: (focuses on private and public sector financial information)

Africaverify | L’outil de référence pour la compliance en Afrique

ZimFact ( Zimbabwe):

Zimbabwean online fact-checking platform | ZimFact | ZimFact

Namibia Fact check (Namibia)

Namibia Fact Check: Home

Fact Check Ghana (Ghana)

Fact Check Ghana – A Project of The Media Foundation for West Africa

Google Fact Check explorer

Fact Check Tools

PESA Check (East Africa)


Spotting fake-news (South Africa)

How to spot a fake South African news website

BBC article:

What we’ve learnt about fake news in Africa

Italian Institute for International Political Struggle (Nigeria)

Tackling Fake News: The Case of Nigeria

PESA check

A Fake Poll Website Shows Just How Crafty Kenyan Fake News Is Getting